Become A J3 Ambassador

We know you love to feed your $5 habit, so why not earn it by becoming an Ambassador for J3!?

Why Become an Ambassador?

We know how you feel when it comes to this amazing affordable jewelry. Remember the feeling you get when you get your package; remember the feeling you get when you put every piece on; why not help us share that same feeling with all of your friends and family?

What does an ambassador do?

It's a lot more simple than you can actually imagine ! 1. You must post 4 posts through the month on your social media and tagging the business page. 2. Give your friends the gift of shopping by offering them 3.50 shipping with your own promo code! 3. Join us on our live and invite your people! The more who join the more opportunity you'll get to earn you FREE $5 goodies

How to become an Ambassador

Reach out to via Facebook, Instagram, or the chat Feature.

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